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Box Ring Sets

D     Z + 6 Half Sizes   1     16  Half Sizes   1     36  Half Sizes   Order Code   1571   1572   1573     18 x 36 x 30   18 x 36 x 30   18 x 36 x 30       1.7kg   1.7kg   1.7kg
Durston’s newly designed Box Ring Sets! This attractive ring sizing system is an ideal fit for your showroom. The finger gauges have comfort styling. Fitted into a slotted and padded faux leather case, polished steel ring gauges are closely calibrated to the matching aluminium ring stick and each is marked with its size. The ring stick is marked in whole sizes and features a brushed finish and a textured, easy-grip handle. Our Box Ring sets come in three sizes; UK, US and European. All boxes are made of leather, includes a precisioned machined mandrel with polished ground rings. Durstons Box Ring Sets are made with precision to give you accurate results. The ring stick and rings are consistent to their size which gives you reliable outcome.

D - Z + 6 Half Sizes

1 - 16 Half Sizes

1 - 36 Half Sizes

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The Multisizer Ring Gauge is the most inexpensive and accurate finger sizer available. Available in 15 Languages.
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