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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design


Dulux is the No. 1 compound brand for the jewellery polishing industry in the world! Small size compound bars (100x30x15mm). Individually packed in DIALUX® branded boxes. Adheres well to mops and buffs. Perfect finishing. Suitable for gold, silver, chrome, platinum, titanium and plastic. Excellent price - performance ratio Each reference of the LUXOR line will enable you to: Decrease the consumption of polishing paste. Save a lot of time. Obtain very clean pieces. Keep your work stations clean.
Colour   P/N   Grit   Size in mm   NW/Roll in grms   Surface   Operation   To be used upon our  designed discs                     Luxor       Pink   OLUXORR   6.5                       Roller  Ѳ   30  long 80                     110     Any Kind of metal     Preparat ion (when a  strong cut is  necessary)   Felts / cotton buff  for polishing  MAJ/MB/TP   Green   OLUXORV   3     Felts / cotton buff  for polishing MB/TP   Grey   OLUXORG   1     Platinum   Preparation   Felts / cotton buff  for polishing TPB /  STV   Blue   OLUXORB   1     Non ferrous (such as  brass)   Fine polishing   Cotton buff for  brightening TPB /   STV   White   OLUXORM   0 .3     Steel /  stainless   silver /  grey and white gold  platinum   Fine polishing /  Finishing         Cotton buf f for  brighteni ng TPB /  STV / M0 C2   Yellow   OLUXORJ   0.5     Any kind of gold steel /  stainless   Finishing   Orange   OLUXORO   0.1     P recious  and fragile  metals /   laquers   Extremely good  brightness   Cleaning  Solution   -   OLUXOR  Clean   -   -   -   -   -   -

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