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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design

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Established Since 1961
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Manual Rolling Mills

Mini Economy Mills: Mini C80 Economy (Product Code 1000)  Mini F80 Economy Mini Manual Mills: Mini F100 Mini W100 Mini C80 (Product Code 1001) Mini C100 4G (Product Code 1002) Mini C100 9G (Product Code 1003) DRM 100 Manual Mills: DRM C100 RE Front View (Product Code 1011) DRM C100 RE Right Side View DRM C100 RE Left Side View DRM F100 RE (Product Code 1013) DRM C100 R (Product Code 1015) DRM C100 E DRM W100 E DRM 130 Manual Mills: DRM W130 E DRM C130 E (Product Code 1022) Front DRM C130 E Right Side View DRM C130 E Left Side View DRM C130 RE (Product Code 1021) DRM F130 RE (Product Code 1023) DRM C130 R (Product Code 1025)

Electric Rolling Mills

100 Power Mills: DRM C100 SSP (Product Code 1071) DRM 100 DSP (Product Code 1074) 130 Power Mills: DRM SS 130 SSP Mill DRM C130 SSP (Product Code 1075) DRM 130 DSP (Product Code 1078) FSM Power Mills: FSM 130 Power Mil (Product Code 1080) FSM 160 Power Mill (Product Code 1082) FSM 200 Power Mill (Product Code 1083)


Pedestal Stand (Product Code 1061) Power Stand (Product Code 1062 and 1063) Cabinet Stand (Product Code 1064)

Dapping Tools

Dapping Sets: 24 Punch Set - Square Block (Product Code 1101) 21 Punch Set - Square Block (Product Code 1102) 21 Punch Set - Flat Block (Product Code 1103) 16 Punch Set - Forming Block (Product Code 1104) 21 Punch Dapping Set (Product Code 1106) 24 Punch Dapping Set (Product Code 1105) 24 Punch Dapping Set Side View 24 Punch Dapping Set Above View Doming Sets: Complete Doming Set (Product Code 1111) Small Doming Set (Product Code 1112) Medium Doming Set (Product Code 1113) Large Doming Set (Product Code 1114)

Planishing Tools

Planishing Hammer (Product Code 1127) Planishing Hammer Close Up View Planishing Hammer Front View Planishing Sets: Dome Planishing Set (Product Code 1123) Flat Planishing Set (Product Code 1122) Stakeholder (Product Code 1124) Bangle Forming Die Set Tools: Bangle Forming Die Set (Product Code 1181 to 1183) Vice (Product Code 1182)

Ring Tools

Ring Stretcher Tools: Ring Stretcher / Reducer (Product Code 1301) Ring Stretcher / Reducer Side View Ring Stretcher/Reduce/Bender (Product Code 1302) Ring Stretcher/Reducer/Bender Side View The Ringer (Product Code 1309) The Ringer Additional Image The Ringer Piece

Disc Cutters

Disc Cutters: 10 Punch Set (Product Code 1201) 17 Punch Set (Product Code 1202) 9 Punch Set (Product Code 1203) 6 Punch Set (Product Code 1204)

Polishing Machines

Polishing Machines: Euro Style Single Spindle (Product Code 1412) Euro Style SS Additional Image 2 Euro Style SS Additional Image 3 Euro Style Double Spindle (Product Code 1414) Euro Style DS Additional Image Euro Style DS Additional Image 2 Euro Style DS Additional Image 3 AirMax 2200: Airmax 2200 Airmax 2200 Display Panel Airmax 2200 Display Panel 2 Airmax 2200 Display Panel 3 Airmax 2200 Display Panel 4 Airmax Side View

Mandrel Tools

Hardened Shape Mandrels (Product Code 1501-1508) Box Ring Set: D - Z + 6 Half Size (Product Code 1571) 1 - 16 Half Size (Product Code 1572) 1 - 36 Half Size (Product Code 1573) Box Ring Set Ring Sizing 1 Ring Sizing 2

Ingot Moulds

Reversible Ingot Moulds: Combination Ingot Mould (Product Code 1601 - 1604) Flat Ingot Mould (Product Code 1605) Open Ingot Moulds: Large Open Ingot Mould (Product Code 1611) Medium Open Ingot Mould (Product Code 1612) Small Open Ingot Mould (Product Code 1613)


Charcoal Blocks (Product Code 1701 - 1706) Solder Boards Binding Wire (Product Code 1721 - 1729) Dialux Aprons (Product Code 8896 and 6694)

Draw Benches

Draw Bench 1400 ( Product Code 1190) Draw Bench 1800 (Product Code 1191) Power Draw Bench 1800 (Product Code 1196) Low Cost Draw Bench Draw Tongs (Product Code 1192 - 1194): 1192 1193 1194


Guillotine 718w x 948h (Product Code 1195)

Durston Furniture

Economy Workbench (Product Code 1199) Superior Workbench (Product Code 1198) Jewellers Bench with Drawers (Product Code 1197) Superior Hardwood Bench: Superior Hardwood Bench with Drawers Superior Hardwood Bench Angle 1 Superior Hardwood Bench Angle 2 Superior Hardwood Bench Angle 3 Superior Hardwood Bench Angle 4 Superior Hardwood Bench Angle 5 Superior Jewellers Chair Classic Jewellers Chair Professional Jewellers Chair Durston Jewellers Stool Superior Watchmaker Bench Standard Watchmaker Bench Dimmable Jewellers Lamp Dimmable Magnifier Jewellers Lamp Dimmable Goose Neck Jewellers Lamp


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