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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design

DRM C100 SSP (1071)

DRM 100 DSP (1074)

Extension rollers with 4 half rounds
Extension Rollers
Extension Rollers
DRM C100 SSP   DRM F100 SSP   DRM W100 SSP   DRM 100 DSP   Order  Code   1071   1072   1073   1074     100mm x 50mm   100mm x 50mm   100mm x 50mm   100mm x 50mm     5.5mm   5.5mm   -   5.5mm     6mm     1mm   -   7mm     1mm   8mm     1mm     9   0   17   17       5     20 rpm    5     20 rpm   5     20 rpm   5     20  rpm     4,3,2 & 1.5mm   4,3,2 & 1.5mm   4,3,2 & 1.5mm   4,3,2 & 1.5mm     8,6 & 3mm     460 x 340 x 500mm     460 x 340 x 500mm   460 x 340 x 500mm   700 x 340 x 500mm     105kg   105kg   105kg   130kg       0.75kw   0.75kw   0.75kw   0.75kw

DRM 100 Power Rolling Mills

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Established Since 1961
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Durstons power mills are the most sort after power mills in the world. In the DRM range all models have cast iron bases, cast iron central cover and of course the one piece cast iron frame which securely holds the high quality steel rolls, - which run in heavy duty roller bearings.   The power mills are heavy because they are built to last forever. They are robust and durable. built to last a lifetime. The features are breath taking,  Variable speed as standard Powerful 0.75kw motor Forward and reverse buttons Quiet operation. Mill is almost silent Two further button to easily speed up and slow down Emergency stop buttons Extension rollers behind the black covers -incorporating several half rounds.   Safety: Emergency stop buttons Safety bars at front and rear Inverter safely stowed inside cast-iron guarding Extension rollers behind the black covers for safety Top cover, covering gears ensuring no one traps their fingers CE marked. A must to prove the safety of the machine. Which in turn secures the safety of you and your workers.