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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design

Euro Style Single Spindle

Euro Style Double Spindle


Polishing Machines

These machines have incorporated in them the correct fans for collecting dust/particles etc. Unlike many systems today, where cheap electrical fans are used. The fans are quiet and vibration free Enclosed in specially sealed units for maximum performance Florescent lighting included on all models All models are built from 1.5mm (15 gauge) steel, rather than 1mm (18 gauges) steel which is widely used on polishing/dust collecting machines today. They are built this way to create a strong and sturdy construction which Durston’s are so well known for Filters can conveniently be removed from the side so this doesn’t take away valuable storage space on top of machine

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Euro Single with Motor   Euro Double with Motor   Order Code   1412     1414       0.37kw   0.37kw   Fan Suction   360m ᶟ / h   360m ᶟ / h   RPM 50/60hz   2800/3450   2800/3450   RPM   -   -   Light   8w   14w   Diameter of mop   8   8      500 x 340 x 300mm    700 x 350 x 300mm         24kg     31kg